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Whats that "NO" really costing you?


Home Seller Restrictions-  What is that no really costing you?


The Overly Restrictive Seller
So I always walk away shaking my head....  Today I tried to schedule a showing for a second time today.  Only to be denied once again.  I promptly jumped on the phone and called the listing agent.  Hes said their were NO showings during the week.  They were only showing on Saturday 11-12:30.
The listing looked very well priced and after 25 days already had a significant price change. Hmmmm makes you wonder.....
So as agents we all hear it when we take a listing....
No Lockbox!   No Unaccompanied Showings!  No For Sale Sign!.....
As a home woner did you ever stop to think that your "NO" is either costing you the sale of your home or money?  You need to learn what you can and cannot control as a home seller
Now I am not saying there are not times where a restriction is perfectly acceptable and absolutely necessary.  For example, a pet that needs to be removed during a showing but you can't during work hours.  Thats practical.
Learn how that no may cost youthe sale of your home, What is that NO Costing You?

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Whats that "NO" really costing you?
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