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Video Tutorial- Blending Multiple Shots in Photoshop

Lately my "go to technique" for real estate photography is blending one available light shot with one flash shot.  The benefit of doing this is to work quickly on location and get a well balanced scene after processing, dupklicating what the eye sees.  

I have been able to combine my previous phtographic career with my real estate career.  The difficulty is getting great real estate photographs quickly.  It is not financially feasible for a real estate photographer or a real estate agent to spend 2 days photographing a house.  I spend any where to an hour to an hour and half photgraphing a house with another 2- 3 hours processing.


THIS Available Light- ISO 400 f 6.3 1/10th of a second.

Very natural looking scene but because the digital image cannot handle the dynamic range highlights are blown out, color balance is hard to control do to two color temperature balance.

Available Light


+ THIS Multiple flash shot.   ISO 400 f6.3 1/125th of a second.

The flash allows us to expose the highlights properly but the overall scene looks over flashed in some areas.

Multiple Flash Shot

=THIS The combination of the two shots allows us to play to the strengths of each in a final blended phtograph.

Blended shot

This is the technique I used to photograph this entire house.  This was an expired listing that I picked up and repackaged (primarily some staging and superior listing photos).  See all the photos of this Dracut MA Home that was previously listed for 120 days, I relisted with new photos and sold it in under a week. 


Video Tutorial


Kevin Vitali is a Massachusetts REALTOR whos specializes in professional quality listing phtographs and top notch marketing for his home sellers.  If you are looking to sell a home in Esses or Middlesex County Massachusetts call Kevin at 978-360-0422.

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